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25. - all these lines fall short of what I had in mind

Aug. 31st, 2010

02:29 pm - 25.

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I can feel the end of summer fast approaching. Birthday came and went (and was slightly unnoticed by most, thanks to my temporary lack of facebook) which is always a reminder that fall is right around the corner. 25. I'm not so concerned about the getting older part but just the fact that I REALLY hate the number 25. Oh well.

Anyways, my favorite months have always been June-October so I'm still enjoying the fluctuating weather (last week we had a high of 72 one day and a high of 90 another, thanks Ohio) and rocking my cutoffs and tank tops while looking forward to scarves and sweaters. My fall forecast is positive as I am filling my time with trips to different cities. Finally (finally!) making it to Chicago in October and oh em gee are we in full on planning mode (that's how I spend most of my day at work). So much to do in such a short time! Definitely looking forward to museums and food (and watching K. run through the streets of the city and then literally climb over a bus) and music and time spent out of this city. Our to-do list is insanely long but personal suggestions are certainly appreciated. Also planning a trip to Syracuse to check out Al & Eric's new digs and celebrate and early Thanksgiving (since I once again won't be making it up north for the real T-day). And of course I'll find time to visit Cleveland (and I'll have another stop to make in Shaker Hts.!) and Philadelphia is high priority on my travel list (2 of my best friends + vegetarian Philly cheesesteaks and a cupcake truck? sign me up!).

Things are good. I find myself feeling more and more home here. I get my urges to live in another city or state or doing something better, but dare I say I'm actually content right now? Of course I'd prefer a bit more money and cats that didn't shed, but I've found an odd (okay, not odd for most but odd for me) sense of comfort in feeling established and settled. I'm still sorting out the "What's next?" part of my life but doing my best to enjoy the here and now.

I keep meaning to write more here but I so rarely feel like I have something to say. I shouldn't let that stop me though.

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